Electrical Analysis Equipment

       The Semitel laboratory was found in December, 2010 and has operated since then, which is a key department in Semitel QA system.

There are more than 30 main test instruments in the laboratory with a covering area of 200 square meters.

       The laboratory consists of three function rooms: electrical performance test room, material analysis room and reliability test room, where raw material is inspected, electrical performance test, reliability test and customer service is conducted.

       The electrical performance test room can conduct the following routine items: lightning surge test, ESD test, voltage overload, current, resistance, VBR/IR.

       The material analysis room can do such routine tests as: SEM, EDX (thickness of plate), metallographic observation, structure (X-ray), particle size dispersion analysis.

       The reliability test room can conduct such routine items asAccelerated Temperature Cycling, Damp heat, Steady-state Test, Steam Aging, Temperature Shock, High Temperature Reverse Bias Test.